New Green Advertising Saves Trees

Remember when Internet advertising was only about CPI? What was CPI? Just a few years back, advertisers relied on Cost per Impression (CPI) marketing methods. They paid another web site a predetermined amount of money per impression to display their ad.

Banner ad costs were based on the number of times a page appeared. There was no way to know if a single person even saw an ad. Much like the olden days when people used to saw trees down into thin pieces and run them through giant presses that impressed ink onto them and then delivery people carried the sheets to every home’s front door. I think they were called newspapers. As an advertiser you had no idea what type of visitors saw your ads or if they were even interested in your offer. Sound primitive? Things can become primitive almost overnight in today’s world.

Now there’s a better way. Now you can advertise only to people who have a high chance of being interested in what you are selling. Your hard earned advertising dollars have a much better chance of creating customers. That’s not all.

You no longer have to wait days or weeks to check the results of ad campaigns you can test your ad results in minutes! What is this miracle advertising called? PPC or Pay Per Click. Google AdWords can be a marketing tool powerhouse when used wisely. If your business is not already taking advantage of PPC, your competition no doubt is.

Sure, newspapers are becoming an obsolete way to reach your audience. But I have not heard one tree complaining yet!

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