Help the World, Save Trees, Use eBooks

Have you known eBooks? If you have been around the internet for some time then you have probably seen and read an eBook. It is simply a book, with pages and all. The great difference is that eBooks comes in electronic form. It can only be read using electronic readers or by using computers. But […]

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Recycled Paper Saves Trees And More

When you think about Planet Earth seriously, then you understand why we need to do everything we can to save as much of it as we can. That is a profound statement, but thinking about how much we waste and how little we recycle, it is true. We drown in paper everyday with all the […]

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Save Paper, Save Trees

Paper is a very important material used in our daily life. It is used in variety of ways. Whilst among many uses, the paper is chiefly used for the purpose of writing and printing. The word paper derives from the Greek word ‘Papyrus‘ (Egyptian writing material) which was formed from beaten strips of papyrus plant. […]

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4 Ways to Save the Environment and Money at the Office

From the demands of keeping overhead costs low to boosting employee morale, running a small business can be quite challenging. In fact, as a small business owner, even your day-to-day decisions can be difficult and trying. There’s one decision that’s an easy one, though – to maintain an environmentally friendly office. Not only is the […]

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Tree Free Options For Green Living and Eco-Friendly Choices

Paperless options are available for green living. Making a decision to live a community and global conscious lifestyle is beneficial to everyone. Small changes in your lifestyle open the door to benefiting others. Here are some suggestions for using tree free products and for going paperless. Impact our tomorrow by making changes today and save […]

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Protect Your Environment by Using Tree Free Products

Protect your environment by using tree free biodegradable products in your home and office. Limit trash and save trees by utilizing products that are created with easily compostable products. For example plastic cutlery may take years to compost while cutlery created from cornstarch residue will biodegrade in about 18 months in your home compost. Save […]

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ECatalog to Help Save Paper

There are many of us out there who understand the incredible impact that we have on our environment, and the fact that currently most of this impact is of the negative sort. Fortunately, those of us who understand this are also willing to do something about it. The good news is that an increasing number […]

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New Green Advertising Saves Trees

Remember when Internet advertising was only about CPI? What was CPI? Just a few years back, advertisers relied on Cost per Impression (CPI) marketing methods. They paid another web site a predetermined amount of money per impression to display their ad. Banner ad costs were based on the number of times a page appeared. There […]

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Save Trees, Water and the World With Bidets

Congratulations to you, bidet user, for you’ve decided that saving water, saving trees and saving toilet paper are all things worth doing by using your bidet! You might as well go to the costume store and strap a cape around your neck because you’re a freaking super hero! If you haven’t purchased a bidet yet, […]

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Tree Free Ideas For Your Office and Home – Save Trees!

Use the Internet to become environmentally conscious and to gain access to green products and important information that will benefit your community and the world. Saving trees is one way to improve our environment. Tree planting is something that many organizations are focusing on and in order to completely assist them in their endeavors we […]

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